The Ultimate Guide to Caitlyn Trap Placement

If you’re an ADC main, chances are you’ve played as Caitlyn. She’s a long-range carry with high damage and useful abilities, especially her traps. In this guide, we’ll show you the best trap placements for Caitlyn.

To effectively place Caitlyn’s traps, you need to keep track of how many you have and use them to force the enemy to retreat or take a different path. Additionally, use them to kite and make it easier for yourself to attack.

Caitlyn’s traps have multiple uses, such as defending turrets and attacking enemies. If you want to learn the ultimate Caitlyn trap placement guide, keep reading!

Caitlyn Abilities

Before we get started, let’s go over Caitlyn’s abilities. Her main ability is her Q, which fires a projectile that deals damage in a straight line. It’s great for poking the enemy in the laning phase. However, be careful not to spam it too much and run out of mana.

Her W ability allows her to place traps, which root enemies and allow Caitlyn to use her headshot passive for additional damage. Combining her Q with a trapped enemy deals even more damage. Her E ability throws a net that slows enemies and allows her to use her headshot passive. Finally, her R is her ultimate ability, which deals a lot of damage to a single enemy champion.

Using Traps to Attack and Defend

Caitlyn’s traps can be placed anywhere, making them versatile tools for attacking and defending. Place them behind enemy turrets to catch the enemy off guard and deal additional damage. Placing traps in bushes will reveal if you’re being ganked and prevent the enemy ADC or support from freely roaming.

Keep track of your trap count and make sure to place them strategically. Also, remember that traps have a duration and will disappear after a while.

Setting Up Objectives

During teamfights and objective contests, place traps around yourself to make it harder for the enemy assassin to reach you. Moving traps around can force the enemy to go around or step into them, giving you an advantage.

When setting up objectives like dragon or Baron, place traps along the enemy’s path and use wards to track their movements. This can buy you some extra time to complete the objective and escape.

Best Duo With Caitlyn

Caitlyn has great synergy with champions like Swain, Morgana, Lux, and Veigar. Combining her traps with their crowd control abilities can lead to devastating combos and secure kills.

Experiment with different duo combos to find the one that suits your playstyle and is most successful for you.

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