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What to Look Forward to in the Final Week of the 2021 LCS Spring Split

New Format and Schedule for 2021 LCS Spring Split

The 2021 LCS Spring Split has introduced a new format and schedule. With the Mid-Season Showdown just one week away, six teams are still competing for five spots. These teams are only three games apart from each other, making the competition intense in the last week.

Cloud9 is leading the pack, but they have recently lost two consecutive games and failed to secure an upper bracket seed. Despite this setback, they are the only team to have clinched a spot in the MSS. Immortals have also performed well, surpassing expectations to some extent. Their win against FlyQuest in week five denied Dignitas and TSM from clinching and further intensified the competition in the middle of the pack.

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Seeding is Still Up in the Air

While it may be less likely for a miraculous comeback, the seeding for the playoffs is still uncertain. Any of the six League of Legends teams that haven’t secured their destinies could miss out on a chance to be in the MSI. This weekend and the playoffs are filled with exciting storylines to follow.

Are Dignitas for Real?

Amidst the unprecedented investment into young, North American talent, teams like FlyQuest, Golden Guardians, Immortals, and Dignitas have been considered as development projects to some extent. There is also a discussion about loosening import rule restrictions among LCS team owners, which might affect the opportunities for domestic talent. Dignitas, following an all-American roster, has shown great performance this year.

The team has provided a platform for rookies like top laner FakeGod and mid laner Soligo to revive their LCS careers and prove themselves. Dignitas has become a standard-bearer not only for newcomers but also for those who were once considered as “one-and-dones.”

Rookie ADC Neo has been impressive under the guidance of veteran support aphromoo. He recently posted outstanding numbers in a game on Kalista, joining the ranks of promising talent in the ADC position alongside Tactical, FBI, and Lost. Dignitas’ strength lies in their coordination and teamfighting, but they need to improve their early game and laning phase. Dardoch’s leadership from the jungle position has been crucial for their objective control and composure during challenging situations.

100 Thieves’ Worries

When 100 Thieves acquired last year’s favorite roster alongside Ssumday, they became the favorite team for many. They had a great performance last year and almost eliminated TSM from the playoffs. However, their recent performance has been disappointing, and they now find themselves in gatekeeper territory.

Initially, 100 Thieves had a well-defined playstyle, focusing on Damonte’s roaming champions like Galio and Twisted Fate and FBI’s carry potential. They started the split strong but faced difficulties when they were targeted in-game and in draft. Tristana emerged as a flexible counterpick against them, resulting in consecutive losses. The team’s performance declined, and despite some wins, they are now tied for fourth place at 9-6.

The substitution and subsequent ruling out of mid laner Damonte has raised concerns among fans. Despite beating most teams, their 0-4 record against C9 and TSM has raised questions about their playoff performance.

The final week of the 2021 LCS Spring Split regular season will begin on Friday, March 12 at 5pm CT.

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