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CLG’s Upsets Cloud9, Spoils their First Place Spot on LCS Spring Split’s Last Weekend

CLG Stuns Cloud9 in Definitive 31-Minute Upset

CLG has become a force to reckon with in the LCS. Despite a rough start to the season, the team has secured four wins in their last five games, including a surprising upset over first-place Cloud9.

In the past two weeks, CLG has emerged victorious against top contenders Immortals, Dignitas, Team Liquid, and now Cloud9. Even though they are out of contention for the Mid-Season Showdown, CLG has embraced the role of the ultimate spoiler in the LCS.

WildTurtle played a crucial role in tonight’s match, especially in the bottom lane. From the very beginning, the veteran LCS player took control of the game. With a siege-focused Tristana pick, WildTurtle dominated Cloud9, demolishing their towers and securing kills for CLG.

Cloud9’s loss to CLG has narrowed their lead over TSM and Dignitas to just half a game. TSM and Dignitas will face off against Evil Geniuses and Team Liquid later today, aiming to tie for first place in the standings with Cloud9.

Cloud9 is currently on a three-game losing streak, their worst performance of the season. They have crucial matches against Dignitas and Immortals this weekend, which could determine their fate in securing first place.

CLG, on the other hand, is looking towards the Summer Split and has shown significant improvement with their full roster, including Pobelter and Broxah, during the seven games they’ve played together.

Despite their recent success, CLG still has one more challenging game against playoff contender Evil Geniuses on Sunday.