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Schalke 04 exits from competitive League of Legends scene after 8 years

Schalke 04 Departs from Competitive League of Legends

After nearly a decade in the competitive League of Legends scene, Schalke 04, one of Europe’s well-established esports organizations, has decided to step away for good.

Schalke 04 Shifts Focus to FC 2024

Schalke 04 has announced that it will be leaving the professional League space and redirecting its efforts towards the FC 2024 scene. While this decision aligns with the team’s core business of football, it has left many long-time LEC supporters disappointed. They have been there to witness the organization’s greatest moments in the league.

Odoamne Expresses Sadness over Departure

Former Schalke 04 top laner and current GIANTX star Andrei “Odoamne” Pascu expressed his sadness about the official announcement. He mentioned that he had plenty of memories from his time with the team, describing it as a rollercoaster ride. Despite the outcome, Odoamne acknowledged the club’s passion and dedication, making it even more heartbreaking to see it go.

Relegation from Bundesliga and LEC Slot Sale

Schalke 04 faced additional challenges when its soccer team was relegated from the Bundesliga, the top division of professional soccer in Germany. As a result, the team had to sell its LEC slot to Team BDS for a staggering €26.5 million. This financial blow forced the organization to consolidate its efforts within the esports scene, focusing solely on soccer-related activities.

Highlights and Miracle Run

Schalke 04 is best known for its time in the EU LCS and LEC from 2016 to 2021. The team reached the finals once in 2018, competing against Fnatic. Although Schalke 04 did not participate in major international tournaments, they created a memorable moment during the 2020 Summer Split. Starting with only one win in 11 games, they seemed destined for elimination. However, they surprised everyone by winning 10 consecutive games, securing a playoff spot and a chance to qualify for the 2020 World Championship.

A Bittersweet Ending

Unfortunately, Schalke 04’s journey was cut short by a dominant MAD Lions roster, who defeated them in four games. Despite the loss, Schalke 04 had already etched itself into history and captured the hearts of League fans worldwide.

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