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Record-Breaking Viewership for LCK 2024 Final: Gen.G vs T1

Record-breaking Viewership for LCK as Gen.G Wins Fourth Consecutive Title

Just as Faker fell short again, the LCK established a record for the highest peak viewership for the LCK.

According to Esports Charts, the Korean league reached a peak viewership figure of 2.6 million people as Gen.G picked up their fourth consecutive LCK title in a thrilling 3-2 series against T1 and made it directly to the group stage of this year’s MSI.

Unstoppable Gen.G Reigns Supreme in the LCK

Gen.G has been unstoppable in the LCK, with their exceptional performance leading to their fourth consecutive title. This achievement has solidified their dominance in the league and further added to their legacy. The level of skill and popularity exhibited by Gen.G and other top teams and players has played a vital role in the exponential growth of viewership numbers.

LCK Viewership Surpasses Previous Records

Last year’s Summer Split in the LCK had a peak viewership of 1.5 million, which was easily dwarfed by this year’s iteration, marking a 73% increase in the metric. The significant growth in viewership is a testament to the continuous appeal and excitement of the LCK. It will be fascinating to witness whether the league can sustain and build on these impressive numbers moving forward.

Korean League’s Global Dominance and Star Power

The success of the LCK can be attributed to the unmatched skill and dominance of teams like T1 and Gen.G on the global stage. These teams have consistently reached the LCK finals since the 2022 Summer Split, showcasing their unrivaled prowess. Moreover, the Korean league’s stellar international performance, accompanied by popular players such as Faker, has undoubtedly bolstered its popularity among esports enthusiasts worldwide.

Fans still have plenty of League esports action to catch this year, starting with the LPL and LEC Spring split’s finale this week, leading into MSI 2024 starting next month.

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