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2024 Call of Duty League Major 3 Qualifiers’ Outcome Declared

2024 CDL Major Three Online Qualifiers: Midseason Action Heats Up

We’re officially at the halfway point of the 2024 Call of Duty League season following the start of the online qualifier matches for Major Three.

At the end of March, the Atlanta FaZe reclaimed the CDL throne by capturing the title at Major Two in Miami. And now, after around a two-week break, the competitive CoD action will resume with online matches running from April 12 to May 12 to set the stage for Major Three in Toronto from May 16 to 19.

Schedule for first week of online qualifiers for CDL 2024 Major 3.
Here’s the schedule for the qualifier matches from April 12 to 14. Image via Call of Duty League

Over this recent break in the action, five CDL franchises opted to make roster changes in hopes of potentially reinvigorating their squads before the back half of the season. The Boston Breach notably dropped veterans SlasheR and Asim for Beans and Pentagrxm, while the Minnesota RØKKR also made a two-player change by bringing in Gunless and Standy to replace Owakening and Vivid. The Miami Heretics are giving ReeaL another opportunity to start after he faced visa issues earlier in the season with Carolina, JoeDeceives is re-entering the lineup for the Los Angeles Thieves, and rookie 04 will make his CDL debut for the Seattle Surge in place of former world champion Arcitys.

In addition to these roster changes, the CDL map set has been tweaked. New maps Vista and 6 Star have entered the rotation for Hardpoint in place of Invasion and Skidrow, while 6 Star will also replace Terminal for Search and Destroy. And over the next month, all 12 CDL franchises will have the chance to test out these new maps in their seven qualifier matches to determine their seeding for Major Three in Toronto.

2024 CDL Major Three qualifier scores and results

Sunday, April 14

Atlanta FaZe vs. OpTic Texas

Atlanta win 3-1

  • 6 Star Hardpoint: 250-207 OpTic
  • Highrise Search and Destroy: 6-4 Atlanta
  • Highrise Control: 3-2 Atlanta
  • Rio Hardpoint: 250-241 Atlanta

Vegas Legion vs. Los Angeles Thieves

Los Angeles win 3-2

  • 6 Star Hardpoint: 250-49 Los Angeles
  • Rio Search and Destroy: 6-3 Los Angeles
  • Invasion Control: 3-2 Vegas
  • Vista Hardpoint: 250-247 Vegas
  • 6 Star Search and Destroy: 6-2 Los Angeles

Carolina Royal Ravens vs. Seattle Surge

Seattle win 3-2

  • 6 Star Hardpoint: 250-211 Seattle
  • Invasion Search and Destroy: 6-4 Seattle
  • Karachi Control: 3-0 Carolina
  • Sub Base Hardpoint: 250-229 Carolina
  • 6 Star Search and Destroy: 6-3 Seattle

Saturday, April 13

New York Subliners vs. Minnesota RØKKR

New York win 3-1

  • Karachi Hardpoint: 250-242 New York
  • Highrise Search and Destroy: 6-3 Minnesota
  • Invasion Control: 3-1 New York
  • Rio Hardpoint: 250-225 New York

Boston Breach vs. Miami Heretics

Miami win 3-2

  • Rio Hardpoint: 250-170 Boston
  • Karachi Search and Destroy: 6-5 Miami
  • Karachi Control: 3-0 Boston
  • Vista Hardpoint: 250-185 Miami
  • Highrise Search and Destroy: 6-3 Miami

Los Angeles Guerrillas vs. Toronto Ultra

Toronto win 3-0

  • Karachi Hardpoint: 250-170 Toronto
  • Invasion Search and Destroy: 6-3 Toronto
  • Karachi Control: 3-0 Toronto

Friday, April 12

Los Angeles Guerrillas vs. Vegas Legion

Vegas win 3-0

  • 6 Star Hardpoint: 250-216 Vegas
  • Karachi Search and Destroy: 6-1 Vegas
  • Highrise Control: 3-0 Vegas

Atlanta FaZe vs. Minnesota RØKKR

Atlanta win 3-0

  • Vista Hardpoint: 250-193 Atlanta
  • Rio Search and Destroy: 6-1 Atlanta
  • Karachi Control: 3-1 Atlanta

This article will be updated throughout the Major Three online qualifiers from April 12 to May 12.

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