LoL fans argue Galio is now purposeless, while Riot vehemently disagrees

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League of Legends Players Express Concerns About Galio

League of Legends players have raised their concerns about the current state of the champion Galio. However, Riot Games disagrees with these concerns and states that Galio still fulfills his role as the “defender/enabler” from the mid-lane.

Galio’s Identity Crisis

In a recent Reddit thread on March 27, a player named Pe4enkas expressed their opinion about Galio in League of Legends. According to them, Galio seems to be experiencing an identity crisis. As an anti-AP tank champion, Galio struggles against AD assassins like Zed and Naafiri, as well as traditional AP Mages such as Aurelian Sol, Veigar, Malzahar, and Ahri. Moreover, Galio only counters AP assassins in the mid-lane, making him a niche pick.

Low Win Rate and Pick Rate

U.GG statistics show that Galio currently has a disappointing 48.87 percent win rate across all ranks. Additionally, his pick rate is only at 1.8 percent, which is quite low for a typical mid-lane champion.

Alternative Picks to Galio

In response to Galio’s weaknesses, the Reddit user questioned why players would choose Galio when similar champions like Gragas exist. Gragas is an AP tanky champion who can also build like an AP assassin to burst down targets. The user suggests that Gragas offers better alternatives that fulfill a similar role.

Riot Games Addresses Galio’s Weaknesses

Matt Leung-Harrison, the lead gameplay designer of League, admitted on Reddit that Galio is currently “just weak.” However, he disagreed with the idea that Galio is experiencing an identity crisis. Leung-Harrison explained that Galio’s global ultimate ability helps prevent players from being overwhelmed on the entire map. He also mentioned Galio’s crowd control capabilities and semi-global presence as trade-offs for his weaker laning phase compared to other mid-lane champions.

Galio’s Potential Team Utility

Leung-Harrison also stated that players should feel more comfortable having a Galio on their team. Galio can potentially assist teammates in difficult situations, providing them with support and protection. The designer mentioned how Faker, a renowned League player, used to dominate matchups with Galio when the champion was at his strongest.

Understanding Galio’s Weaknesses

According to Leung-Harrison, Galio’s previous strong state was not sustainable. To balance his impact on the game, Galio received laning weaknesses and reduced ability to ignore enemy laners and wave clear. These adjustments were made to compensate for the power spike Galio had when reaching one item. It remains to be seen if any changes will be made to Galio based on his recent performance.

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