Janna’s Win Rate in LoL Patch 14.5 Keeps Rising Despite No Alterations

By Ishaan Khatri
Janna's Win Rate in LoL Patch 14.5 Keeps Rising Despite No Alterations

League of Legends Support Champion Janna Surges in Popularity

Janna, one of the oldest support champions in League of Legends, is once again dominating the competition. With a 53-percent win rate across all ranks, Janna has risen to the top of the support meta, according to reliable League stats websites like OP.GG and U.GG. Surprisingly, Janna has not undergone any direct changes or adjustments to her items in recent patches. Instead, her rise in popularity can be attributed to other changes in the game, such as Riot Games addressing the growing power of Maokai.

The Factors Behind Janna’s Success

In the past, Janna’s popularity has fluctuated due to various factors, including changes to her identity and the introduction of new items. However, in recent months, players have experimented with different builds for Janna, focusing on increasing her damage output. This alteration in playstyle has allowed Janna to excel in stopping enemy engagements while also dealing significant damage herself.

One of the main reasons for Janna’s current success is the rise in popularity of Maokai as a support. Alongside items like Trailblazer and Solstice Sleigh, which provide speed boosts to catch disengaging enemies, Janna has found her place in the meta. Additionally, the removal of Mythic items has allowed Janna to utilize multiple powerful items, such as Shurelya’s Battlesong, Moonstone Renewer, and Imperial Mandate, without having to choose between them.

Janna’s Unique Support Item

Currently, Janna’s ideal fully upgraded support item is Zak’Zak’s Realmspike, typically used by mage supports like Lux and Zyra. However, Janna’s improved damage through her W and passive abilities enhances her poking strength even further.

Professional Play and Patch Updates

Although Janna has gained increased priority in solo queue, she has yet to make a significant impact in professional play. While she occasionally appears in various Challenger scenes, supports like Senna, Nautilus, and Maokai are still favored by professional teams.

Janna’s absence from the change list for Patch 14.6 suggests that Riot Games has not made any further adjustments to her. However, if her popularity continues to rise in solo queue, it’s possible that Riot may intervene before the patch goes live. Nonetheless, her low pick and ban rates make it unclear whether this will be the case.

With Janna’s resurgence in the support meta, it’s essential for players to adapt to her playstyle and consider her as a potential pick in their matches.

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