Could Skarner and Kalista Deliver One of the Best Wombo Combos in LoL by 2024?

By Ishaan Khatri

Skarner and Kalista: The Terrifying Bottom Lane Duo

Skarner, the recently reworked champion in League of Legends, may be facing some struggles during the initial weeks of his VGU release. However, there is one bottom lane combination that has struck fear into enemy teams with its devastating potential.

A summoner on the League subreddit showcased the unexpected support capabilities of the reworked Skarner when paired with Kalista. This unlikely duo forms a wombo combo that can dismantle entire teams and create advantageous teamfights for you and your allies.

The video demonstration features Skarner and Kalista positioning themselves for a late game teamfight near the dragon pit, where they have a high chance of securing victory through a well-executed skirmish. Skarner’s large size and deceptive speed allow him to quickly break through the enemy front lines, flashing forward, and utilizing his ultimate ability to seize both the opposing Taliyah and Nasus.

Following Skarner’s aggressive initiation, Kalista employs her ultimate ability, Fate’s Call, to bring Skarner back to her side, while simultaneously pulling the enemy Taliyah and Nasus back into the waiting arms of their teammates. This simple yet effective combination isolates key targets and ensures the safety of Skarner’s more fragile allies.

One of Skarner’s major strengths in this bottom lane duo is his exceptional tankiness. He can withstand substantial amounts of damage as he charges through the enemy front line. With each tank item he purchases, Skarner grows in size on the Summoner’s Rift, making it even more challenging for enemies to elude his grasp as he charges towards vulnerable carries in the backline. His speed and tenacity often force enemy ADCs and mid laners to exhaust all their resources in an attempt to escape his deadly claws.

Despite these effective moments, it’s important to note that Skarner still struggles to find his place in the current meta within his intended roles. This has prompted quick hotfixes from the developers in an effort to bring him back to a balanced state. While it may take some time for Skarner to solidify his position among the player base, support players can certainly have some enjoyable experiences experimenting with Skarner’s new and exciting kit.

In conclusion, the terrifying duo of Skarner and Kalista presents a formidable threat in the bottom lane of League of Legends. Their synergistic abilities enable them to dominate teamfights and create advantageous situations for their team. Although Skarner is currently undergoing adjustments to find his footing in the ever-evolving meta, support players can embrace the thrill and impact of this unique combination.

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