Soft2Bet and iGaming Academy prioritize excellence through large-scale training.

By Saloni Sehmi
Soft2Bet and iGaming Academy: training at scale with a commitment to excellence

Soft2Bet and iGaming Academy: Strengthening Regulatory Compliance and Excellence

Partnering with iGaming Academy has allowed Soft2Bet to train its teams at scale and enhance its commitment to regulatory compliance and excellence.

Soft2Bet, an iGaming operator and supplier operating in various jurisdictions, required training solutions that could cater to its diverse needs. Whether it was compliance, responsible gambling, anti-money laundering, or sporting integrity, Soft2Bet needed a central and scalable training solution for all its teams. This led to their partnership with iGaming Academy.

The collaboration initially focused on compliance training for Soft2Bet’s operational teams but soon expanded to a company-wide approach. By quickly assessing the extent of the training required, both Soft2Bet and iGaming Academy efficiently implemented training across their international workforce.

Elisabeth Isaksson, Head of Regulatory and Compliance at Soft2Bet, emphasizes the benefits of iGaming Academy’s training platform and courses. It not only facilitates multi-jurisdictional training and reduces repetitive learning but also offers seamless support for policy uploads and additional training materials. This centralized approach enhances employees’ learning experience and streamlines the auditing process.

Soft2Bet’s partnership with iGaming Academy demonstrates their commitment to comprehensive staff training. It leverages the scale and reach of the company to create a centralized hub for compliance and regulatory matters.

Rebeka Mizzi, Commercial Director of iGaming Academy, commends Soft2Bet’s commitment to staff development and training. Mizzi mentions that Soft2Bet utilizes their platform to establish a centralized knowledge hub for the entire business. The platform supports team leaders in tracking learning analytics and identifying knowledge gaps, enabling staff to excel in their roles and take the company to new heights.

Furthermore, Soft2Bet has strengthened its partnership with iGaming Academy through the use of their AML and RG Plug-in Solution. This solution allows Soft2Bet to adapt and tailor its training based on multiple jurisdictional requirements, complementing the training with supporting policies through their Policy Hub.

By utilizing iGaming Academy’s comprehensive training solutions, Soft2Bet benefits from a scalable, centralized, and efficient platform. This empowers them to navigate the intricacies of multi-jurisdictional training and effectively uphold regulatory compliance and excellence.

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