Flexion Holds Talks with Top Mobile Game Developers at GDC to Shape the Future

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Flexion Executives to Hold Summit Talks with Developers at GDC

Executives from Flexion, the games marketing company, will meet with top developers at GDC in San Francisco to discuss the potential revenue enhancements offered by direct-to-consumer (D2C) services. The D2C’24 Summit aims to explore the opportunities presented by recent changes in the mobile games market and new routes to user acquisition. Flexion, recognized as a leader in accessing alternative markets, will leverage its partnerships to assist developers in generating greater revenue without upfront costs or significant effort.

Boosting Revenue for Developers Without Upfront Costs

Flexion has established partnerships with platforms such as Amazon, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, Aptoide, DT Hubs, and ONEstore. By collaborating with these platforms and other industry-leading companies, Flexion facilitates future developer needs from user acquisition to third-party billing. Jens Lauritzson, CEO of Flexion, emphasizes their expertise in finding new revenue sources for existing games and their commitment to helping developers succeed in the future.

In the previous quarter, Flexion experienced a remarkable 64% increase in revenue by expanding into alternative markets. Developers who work with Flexion also benefit from an average boost in revenue of over 10%, compared to marketing on Google Play alone, without significantly increasing costs.

Direct-to-Consumer Marketing: Making the ROI Figures Work

Jens highlights the frustration developers face with difficult user acquisition resulting from changes in tracking and high store fees. However, recent developments, such as the DMA in Europe and court cases in the US, have forced Google and Apple to ease their control over the mobile games market. Jens believes this presents an excellent opportunity for developers to re-engage directly with consumers. Jens acknowledges the complexity and investment required to exploit these opportunities and stresses the importance of third-party services like Flexion in ensuring a positive return on investment.

Through the D2C’24 Summit, Flexion aims to gather opinions and share ideas with top developers, fostering a consensus on the essential tools and services needed to maximize returns. Jens invites anyone interested to contribute to the discussion and help shape the future of the mobile games market.

Ben Anquetil: Head of Business Development at Flexion

As part of Flexion’s future-focused strategy, Ben Anquetil takes on the role of Head of Business Development. He will evaluate the company’s value proposition for D2C, with the goal of helping developers generate better returns on their marketing spend. Jens expresses his enthusiasm for Ben’s appointment, emphasizing Ben’s experience in the alternative distribution space and strategic initiatives that drive revenue and audiences for developers. With Ben’s assistance, Flexion plans to expand its business and offer developers easy access to the growing range of markets.

Ben envisions incredible opportunities for developers to enhance user engagement, retention, margin, and revenue by utilizing D2C services.

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