How to Achieve an S Rank as an ADC in League of Legends

To achieve an S rank as an ADC in League of Legends, there are several important factors to consider. This guide will provide tips on how to improve your performance and increase your chances of earning an S rank.

Play Safe

Playing safely is crucial for ADC players. Due to their high damage but low HP, positioning is key to avoiding unnecessary deaths. Position yourself strategically in teamfights based on your champion’s abilities. Champions with mobility skills like Lucian, Zeri, and Xayah have advantages in this regard, but champions without dashes, such as Jinx, Jhin, and Aphelios, require extra caution. Playing aggressively can work with lane bullies like Draven, but be mindful of potential risks.

Always Ward When You Get the Chance

Warding is vital for vision control and avoiding ganks. Place wards strategically to gain information on enemy movements and potential picks. Consider purchasing control wards to deny the enemy vision and place them near key objectives like Baron and Dragon. ADCs should also buy the Farsight Alteration ward to place wards in safer areas without getting too close.

Get a Positive KDA

Having a positive kill-death-assist (KDA) ratio is crucial for achieving an S rank. Position yourself in fights to deal damage while minimizing deaths. Focus on getting kills during the laning phase to gain a gold advantage and accelerate item purchases. Actively participate in teamfights to increase your damage output and secure assists, even if you die in the process.

Farming is the Most Important Part

Farming is essential for ADCs to earn gold and purchase items. Practice last-hitting minions to improve your CS score consistently. A good CS score ensures a stable gold income, even if you die a few times in lane. Take advantage of normal games and the practice tool to refine your farming skills and familiarize yourself with specific champions.

Stick With Your Team

As an ADC, sticking with your team is crucial for teamfight success. Avoid splitpushing, as it exposes you to ganks. Stick with your team, especially during crucial fights, as dealing damage is essential for securing an S rank. Be cautious of assassins like Rengar, Ryze, or Nocturne who can easily eliminate you without giving you a chance to react.

Get Objectives

Prioritize securing objectives such as Baron, Dragon, turrets, and inhibitors. These objectives provide significant advantages and help to end the game faster. Support your team by participating in objective-focused plays, using your DPS to contribute the most damage. Your presence as an ADC can greatly assist your team in securing objectives efficiently.

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