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Significant Palworld Patch Introduces Raid Bosses and Numerous Vital Updates

Palworld’s First Major Content Update: Raid Bosses and More

Palworld’s first major post-launch content update is now live, finally adding Raid Bosses to the creature-catching game along with a new system that allows you to summon them. This also coincided with what might be the game’s biggest patch ever.

Summoning Raid Bosses with Slabs

Raid Bosses are special creatures in Palworld that can only be summoned using an item called slabs at Summoning Alters. These bosses are unable to be captured after you defeat them, though you will get rewards for clearing the challenge, such as Pal Eggs. There is also an “extreme” difficulty that Pocketpair notes is “incredibly powerful.” 

A large base being constructed in Palworld, showing many Pals doing work.
Bases will run smoother than ever with these changes. Screenshot via Pocketpair

What’s New in Version

To pair with the Raid Boss update, Palworld version includes an absolutely massive list of changes for the game, such as the addition of new items like the Training Manual to give XP to Pals, Ancient Technical Manuals to earn more Ancient Technology Points, and a Homeward Thundercloud that instantly teleports you to the nearest base.

Some of the most sought-after items in this update will be the Ring of Mercy, which will keep Pals you are battling from falling below one HP, the Multiclimate Undershirt, which protects your character from heat and cold at the same time, and the Electric Egg Incubator, which can automatically adjust the temperature to the optimum temperature for any Egg. Ore Mining Sites have also been added to the game, so you can still collect ore and other rare resources without needing to set up your base around deposits.

Additional Changes and Future Updates

Other key changes for this update include Negative Pal status being removed after a Pal spends time in the Pal box, some UI changes, balance adjustments, adding a chance for Alpha Pals to spawn from Eggs, and a reworked tutorial named “Journey.” All of this is to pair with server improvements and cheat prevention methods.

Along with this content drop, Pocketpair has also confirmed it is working on a “content-packed update for summer 2024” that will feature new islands, Pals, tower bosses, and more. More details about that update will be shared in the future.

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