Introducing the Palworld April 4 Raid update patch notes

By Declan Duffy
Bellanoir, Raid Boss in Palworld

Palworld’s Patch v0.2.0.6: New Raid Boss and Exciting Features

Palworld‘s highly anticipated Patch v0.2.0.6 has finally arrived on Steam, bringing with it a range of exciting new content and features for players to enjoy. The highlight of the update is the addition of the new Raid Boss, Bellanoir, who promises to provide a thrilling challenge for players. Alongside the new Boss, players can also expect to find a variety of new items, armor, and building features to enhance their gameplay experience.

A Deluge of New Content and Enhancements

In addition to the Raid Boss, Patch v0.2.0.6 introduces a plethora of new content, including changes to Pal mechanics, UI improvements, and various bug fixes. Players can now summon Raid Boss Pals using slabs at the new Summoning Altar, which will allow them to confront incredibly powerful foes. Defeating these Raid Boss Pals can reward players with valuable Pal Eggs.

Moreover, players will now have access to new items such as “Training Manuals,” which enhance the experience of Pals, and the “Ancient Technical Manual,” which can be found in dungeon chests and grants ancient technology points. Additionally, new items like “Recovery Meds” and the “Homeward Thundercloud” have been added to aid players in their adventures.

Pal abilities have also been expanded with the introduction of a new passive called “Mercy Hit,” where Pals will refrain from reducing enemy HP below one when attacking. To complement this new passive, players can equip the “Ring of Mercy” to achieve a similar effect. Furthermore, new armor, such as the “Multiclimate Undershirt,” offers protection against both heat and cold, and the “Electric Egg Incubator” and “Ore Mining Site” provide convenient base-building options.

Notable User Interface and Base Enhancements

With Patch v0.2.0.6, several user interface improvements have been implemented. Players can now view the cooldowns on partner skills for all their Pals on the main screen, allowing for better strategic planning. Additionally, equipment and item stats are now visible on the technology screen, even if they haven’t been unlocked. The tutorial has also been revamped and renamed to “Journey,” offering a more immersive learning experience. Players now have the option to show or hide the “Journey” in the game settings.

Base-related changes have also been made to enhance gameplay. Players can now allow or disallow certain work for base Pals at the Monitoring Stand, providing more control over Pal actions. Chest filters have been introduced, allowing players to select item types to allow or disallow inside chests. Moreover, crafted items can now be transported from crafting facilities, with Pals automatically moving finished items to chests if the “allow transport” option is selected during crafting. The “Antique Dresser” now enables players to change their character’s appearance whenever they desire, offering more customization options. Building placement rules have also been relaxed, allowing for more creative construction and connectivity within the game world.

Improved Balance and Bug Fixes

Patch v0.2.0.6 also includes various balance adjustments and bug fixes to ensure a smooth and enjoyable gaming experience. Minimum heat and cold resistance have been added to armor, eliminating the need to constantly switch between heat-resistance and cold-resistance armor. The egg incubator now requires less button presses, streamlining the hatching process. Additionally, several issues related to Pal capture, HP discrepancies, and sphere throws have been resolved. Numerous minor bug fixes and updates to Pal models and sound effects further contribute to the overall polish of the game.

Looking Towards the Future

Exciting updates don’t stop here. Pocketpair, the development team behind Palworld, has announced that a larger, content-packed update is planned for summer 2024. The future update will bring a brand new island housing new Pals, as well as additional buildings, weapons, and tower bosses. Players can look forward to even more adventure and challenges in the coming months.

For more information and details about Patch v0.2.0.6, check out the official tweet from Palworld here.

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Stay tuned for further updates and enjoy all the exciting new features that Patch v0.2.0.6 has brought to Palworld!

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