Faker Teams Up with T1 to Bring LoL to Palworld, Takes on the Role of Ryze

By Declan Duffy 74 Views

Faker Takes a Break from League of Legends with Palworld

The legendary Faker, known for his skills in playing League of Legends, decided to take a break and try out the latest gaming craze, Palworld. But he didn’t go alone.

Palworld Fun with T1 Teammates

After starting his Feb. 9 stream with some League, Faker switched over to Palworld and was joined by his T1 teammates Gumayusi, Keria, and Zeus. What was supposed to be a quick experience of “Pokémon with guns” turned into a two-hour gameplay session in front of thousands of viewers.

Faker’s Ryze Recreation

Faker spent a good 20 minutes on the character creator, recreating one of his favorite League champions, Ryze. And to be honest, he did a pretty good job.

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