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“Why the need for positivity?” Helldivers 2 players advocate for enjoyable modifiers with beneficial effects

Every mission in Helldivers 2 has modifiers that can make your time on the planet miserable. These modifiers range from harmful weather conditions to a reduced number of stratagems, and players are wondering if we’ll ever get something helpful instead.

There are only a few beneficial modifiers in Helldivers 2, and most grant an additional Stratagem. Unfortunately, these modifiers appear rarely, while the negative ones are present almost all the time. For a successful mission, you must consider the planet’s environmental conditions and mission modifiers like AA Defenses. In a Reddit thread on May 13, Helldivers 2 players came up with a list of ideas for helpful modifiers that would be fun and in-keeping with the core mechanics.

These beneficial modifiers would work similarly to the negative ones, but would instead offer buffs to your Stratagems and weapons. “Super Democracy publicity campaign surpassed highest expectations for recruiting offices. Mission has +4 reinforcement budget,” is one of the fan’s ideas, while several others are tied to Major Orders and planet liberation.

The game occasionally offers benefits like this to Helldivers after something major happens in the galactic war. For example, a few weeks ago, we could choose a new Stratagem by liberating a corresponding planet. After players liberated Tien Kwan in March, every player could use the EXO-45 Patriot Exosuit for a limited time. However, those events happen once a month at most, and on an average day, you’re limited to your Super Destroyer’s arsenal.

Another player suggested beneficial modifiers could be tied to in-game objectives and affect the entire operation. “Evacuate Civilians: subsequent missions in the operation have increased reinforcement budget,” they wrote. Others proposed making weather conditions have both positive and negative effects, much like cold planets already slow down energy weapon overheating.

Whatever approach Arrowhead decides to take (if any), many of these ideas are already present in the game—we just need more of them.