Players express dissatisfaction with Helldivers 2’s latest major balance update

By Amelia Heisecke
Players express dissatisfaction with Helldivers 2's latest major balance update

Helldivers 2 Balance Adjustment Patch Released

After facing technical difficulties and resolving bugs, the developer of Helldivers 2 has finally released a balance adjustment patch. However, the community’s response has been mixed, with some players expressing their discontentment over what they perceive as a nerf-heavy approach to making the game more challenging.

Patch 01.000.100 Introduces Balance Changes

Arrowhead Studios achieved a significant milestone with the release of Patch 01.000.100, which aimed to address the balance in Helldivers 2. The developer decided to nerf the SG-225 Breaker, Railgun, and Shield Generator Pack, which were dominating the meta. In contrast, various shotguns, support weapons, and orbitals were buffed. Furthermore, changes were made to the difficulty of planetary hazards and the Extermination mission type.

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