Developer of Helldivers 2 criticizes those who empathize with bugs and report sightings of flying insects

By Amelia Heisecke
Developer of Helldivers 2 criticizes those who empathize with bugs and report sightings of flying insects

Helldivers 2 Developer Offended by Reports of Flying Bugs

A developer for Helldivers 2 has expressed displeasure over players claiming to see flying bugs as a new enemy type. The developer referred to those spreading these reports as “bug sympathizers.”

New Enemy Types Surface in Helldivers 2 Battles

While players continue their fight against the Terminids in Helldivers 2, they have recently encountered new enemy types. Despite a much-needed adjustment to chargers, the battle in Helldivers 2 is far from over.

Termicide and the Liberation of Terminid Sector

The brave soldiers of Helldivers 2 are currently focused on their mission to permanently liberate a Terminid sector. They aim to activate the Terminid Control System and unleash Termicide, a powerful pesticide, to eradicate the overgrown cockroaches.

Denial of Flying Bug Attacks

Despite claims from some players that they have been attacked by flying bugs, the CEO and chief Helldiver of Arrowhead, Pilestedt on X, has denied the existence of such creatures. These claims have been labeled as preposterous.

Evidently, it appears the Termicide might have gone to the heads of some players, though, who claimed to have come under attack from flying bugs—preposterous claims denied by Arrowhead CEO and chief Helldiver Pilestedt on X (formerly known as Twitter).

Lie-spreading Helldivers have been declared “bug sympathizers” who are determined to “brainwash good people,” with the claims clearly being false as everybody knows bugs cannot fly.

Players sharing “evidence” on Reddit are clearly looking for an audience, with one image of flying bugs certainly being edited as the Ministry of Truth has denied the existence of such creatures, and video footage of players being attacked by flying bugs must be CGI work done by those who want to derail the spread of democracy.

Urging Report and Vigilance

In the face of these false claims, it is advised to report any encounters with flying bugs to senior officers and avoid spreading rumors. Such actions could brand you as a traitor and lead to severe consequences.

My advice, if you encounter such delusion in your brave efforts to rid the galaxy of the Terminid threat, is to report it to your senior officers and don’t engage in the spread of rumors. Doing so will see you dubbed a traitor and promptly sentenced to a fate worse than death.

Extreme action may be taken against those reporting such false claims, and we urge the citizens of Super Earth to remain vigilant of the threats lying within our ranks.

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