New Update for MW3: Haymaker Shotgun and Longbow Sniper Rifle Receive Changes

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MW3 and Warzone Update Includes Changes to Shotguns and Sniper Rifles

A new update was released today for Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone, and players using certain shotguns and sniper rifles should take note of the changes.

The update consists mainly of bug fixes but also includes some tweaks to Aftermarket Parts, a problematic Warzone killstreak, and specific weapon attachments. The next major update is expected to be released in season three, which will likely occur in approximately three weeks.

What’s New in the March 13 Update for CoD: MW3 and Warzone

CoD MW3 Season 2 Reloaded operators holding a flag

Watch out, changes are here. Image via Activision

Today’s update is minor and focuses on a couple of changes to the recent Aftermarket Parts and Conversion Kits. Specifically, there are updates for the Haymaker shotgun and Longbow sniper rifle attachments.

MW3 Patch Notes

The main changes in the update for the Aftermarket Parts involve slight nerfs. The JAK Maglift Kit for the Haymaker, which provides the shotgun with a massive 60-round magazine, now has an increased hipfire spread at both minimum and maximum values. Its tactical stance spread has also been increased.

Additionally, the Longbow’s JAK Tyrant 762 Kit no longer offers a 30 percent hipfire spread benefit, and its aim down sight time has been slightly increased from 390 milliseconds to 470.

Other minor changes include tweaks to attachment descriptions such as the Holger 556’s Ascent Lord Stock, the FR 5.56 FR Sprinter and Recon Stock Pad Stock, and the Rival-9’s Trebuchet Brake Muzzle.

Warzone Patch Notes

These weapon changes also apply to Warzone, with some additional adjustments. One significant change is the Cluster Mines, which now require two mines to down a fully plated player. However, a player with no plates can still be downed by one mine.

Furthermore, the drop rate of Black Site keys in Warzone has slightly increased from one percent to five percent.

For a detailed list of patch notes, visit the CoD website.

Note: The full list of MW3’s patch notes can be found on the CoD website under the March 13 section.

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