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Top GTA V RP Servers and Ways to Join

The Best GTA V RP Servers and How to Join Them

GTA V’s multiplayer mode is a great way to play with friends, offering endless possibilities and the chance to use your imagination to reshape the experience. One of the most enjoyable ways to play GTA V after finishing the story mode is through role-playing (RP) servers. RP has become especially popular among Twitch streamers, with many players even buying the game just for the RP experience. In this article, we will explore the best GTA V RP servers and how you can join them.

How to Join an RP Server in GTA V

Joining an RP server can be a challenge, especially for first-timers. Each server operates with its own set of rules and requires specific mods and third-party tools. Two of the most well-known multiplayer modes for joining RP servers in GTA V are FiveM and RageMP. Some servers are only available on one of these programs, so it’s important to check a server’s website or social media to see which one you need. Once you have the required tools, you can search for the server or join through their official sites using their IP addresses.

To download FiveM:

  • Ensure that your GTA V game is up to date
  • Visit FiveM’s official website and click on “Download client”
  • Agree to the terms of service and launch the installation file
  • Install FiveM in the same drive as your GTA V files
  • Follow the prompts to complete the installation
  • Launch FiveM and click on “Play” to access the server list

To install RageMP:

  • Go to RageMP’s official website and run the installer
  • Choose the same drive as your GTA V installation
  • If necessary, manually select your GTA V installation folder
  • Once installed, a server list will appear, and you can join a server

The Best RP Servers in GTA V


NoPixel is the most popular RP server for fans who want to play alongside their favorite Twitch streamers. It features top names like LIRIK, shroud, and PENTA. However, getting into NoPixel can be challenging because you need to be whitelisted. The server periodically stops accepting applications due to high demand, but you can still get whitelisted by making donations.

Eclipse RP

Eclipse RP is another well-known GTA V RP server. While it may not have as many content creators, it still receives a high number of applications and requires approval to join. The server hosts up to 200 players and has clear guidelines and a detailed forum with explanations of factions and roles.

The Family RP

The Family RP offers a more serious role-playing experience. To join, you need to link your Steam, Discord, and optionally your Twitch in your application. The server provides various options, from joining a crime family to running a successful business.

GTA World

GTA World is a text-based RP server ideal for players who prefer not to use voice chat. It has over 30 active factions and a high production value, making it a solid choice for role-playing.

MafiaCity GTA RP

MafiaCity GTA RP is hosted on RageMP and offers multiple career options, whether you want to become a criminal or a first responder. The server focuses on player interaction by removing NPCs from the game.


LucidCityRP welcomes new players and offers a unique experience. It has its own features like the inclusion of Cayo Perico from GTA Online. This server is a great alternative for those who want to sharpen their RP skills while waiting for approval from other popular servers.

Exploring the Server Lists

While the servers mentioned above are among the most popular, there are hidden gems on the server lists. If you don’t want to go through applications, you can join a server with available slots and jump right into the action. These servers may have rules, but they also offer unpredictable and exciting gameplay.