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Faker Reveals Self-Volunteered Benching from T1’s Starting Lineup

Faker Returns to T1 Roster and Helps Secure Win in LCK Spring Split Playoffs

In an interview with Inven Global today, Faker discussed T1’s roster situation after being absent from the competitive League of Legends scene for three weeks. Faker’s return today greatly contributed to his team’s decisive win in the battle for the 2021 LCK Spring Split playoffs.

Faker admitted that he didn’t feel confident in his form to compete when he stepped away from the roster in February. In the interview, he praised Clozer, who replaced him during his absence, for his performance at the time.

T1 had signed multiple players during the offseason to create a flexible 10-man roster. However, the constant roster changes caused synergy issues for the team.

Today’s lineup was the 10th iteration that T1 fielded during the season. Four players from T1’s 2020 LCK Spring Split domination were part of the lineup, with the exception of Keria, who was acquired during the 2020 offseason. The team showed significant improvement in today’s series, which could serve as a strong foundation for the upcoming playoffs.

Coach Daeny was responsible for the decision behind this roster iteration, according to Faker. There is still room for improvement, but Faker commended the team’s effort to work together and capitalize on early game advantages in today’s match.

T1 (8-7) currently holds the fifth place in the standings and has three remaining matches in the current split. While they are well-positioned for playoffs, they must avoid dropping games to increase their chances of qualifying.

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