Team Vitality Commits to Two Major Tournaments in Counter Strike and Rocket League in Copenhagen

By Saloni Sehmi
Team Vitality Commits to Two Major Tournaments in Counter Strike and Rocket League in Copenhagen

Team Vitality Gears Up for Esports Majors in Copenhagen

From today, Team Vitality prepares for the Counter-Strike and Rocket League Majors in Copenhagen. The French club, already world champions in both games, aims to defend their titles with Mathieu “ZywOo” Herbaut and Alexis “zen” Bernier leading the charge. Exclusive player meetings and immersive experiences will take place in Paris and on-site, providing fans with unique opportunities.

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Team Vitality Takes on Esports Majors in Copenhagen

Team Vitality, the world’s leading esports club, is ready to compete in two major events happening in Copenhagen. The Counter-Strike 2 Major, held at the Royal Arena, and the Rocket League Major at the KB Hallen Arena. After winning the 2023 World Championships in Düsseldorf, the French trio aims to reclaim their position as leaders in the international scene.

Team Vitality’s Counter-Strike 2 Squad

Team Vitality’s Counter-Strike 2 squad is determined to defend their title after their victory at the Paris Major 2023. With renewed energy and commitment, the team aims for back-to-back Major victories while solidifying their status as champions. Contract renewals, including star player ZywOo until 2026, highlight the team’s dedication to maintaining their dominance in esports.

According to Fabien ‘Neo’ Devide, co-founder and President of Team Vitality, the team aims to make a good impression at the Major. As world champions, they face the challenge of meeting expectations and proving themselves as the best in the world. With ZywOo leading the way, the team is confident about their chances of achieving success.

Team Vitality’s Rocket League Roster Ready to Defend

Team Vitality’s Rocket League team, reigning world champions, returns to defend their leadership at the KB Hallen Arena. Comprised of top French players and guided by coach FairyPeak!, the team aims to add more titles to their already impressive list of achievements. Together, they hope to maintain their position as the number one team on the French-speaking and international scenes.

Fabien ‘Neo’ Devide emphasizes the team’s focus on defending their title at RLCS Copenhagen. Though they are currently in a transitional period, having recently become world champions, the Major serves as a bridge towards their ultimate goal of winning the Worlds later in the year.

Experiences and Events for Fans

At the Royal Arena, Team Vitality will have a dedicated booth where fans can meet players and engage in immersive experiences. One such experience is “Sound is Survival,” where participants rely solely on sound to navigate a Counter-Strike 2 map and defuse a bomb blindfolded. Fans can also test their knowledge in “Sound of Legends” and win prizes.

For fans who couldn’t attend the events in Copenhagen, viewing parties will be hosted at V.Hive in Paris. Additionally, Team Vitality and their partner, Unilever, are offering a gourmet initiative with Ben & Jerry’s called “Major Delivery.” Fans can order ice cream with a discount code and have a chance to win a trip to attend the Rocket League Major.

Nicolas ‘Nico’ Maurer, co-founder and CEO of Team Vitality, expresses his excitement for the esports events happening in Copenhagen. He emphasizes the effort put into providing experiences for both attending and remote fans, reinforcing the club’s leadership in the international scene.

Overall, Team Vitality’s participation in the Counter-Strike and Rocket League Majors showcases their commitment to esports excellence. With their talented players and dedicated fanbase, the club aims to maintain its reign as the world’s best esports team.

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