PashaBiceps Embarks on Cycling Journey to Copenhagen for CS2’s First Major

By Arjun Nair 61 Views

Polish Counter-Strike Legend pashaBiceps Set to Repeat Bike Journey for CS:GO Major

In May 2023, pashaBiceps, a renowned player in the world of Counter-Strike, gained attention when he cycled from Warsaw to Paris for the last CS:GO Major. Surprisingly, this was not a one-time feat, as the former player is now preparing to undertake the same journey once again in March.

pashaBiceps Confirms Bike Trip for Upcoming CS2 Major

With the PGL-hosted CS2 Major in Copenhagen just around the corner, fans have been eagerly anticipating whether pashaBiceps will repeat his bike adventure. Over the weekend, the 35-year-old player was directly asked if he plans to travel to Denmark by bike, to which he promptly replied, “yes.”

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