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FaZe Clan’s CS2 player rain sets extraordinary record with longest tenure on a single team

FaZe Clan’s rain Breaks CS:GO Record with Longest Stint on a Single Team

FaZe Clan’s rain has achieved a truly remarkable feat in the world of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO). He has broken the record for the longest time spent on a single team since the beginning of the CS:GO era.

As of April 21, rain has been a part of FaZe for a staggering 3,104 days, surpassing the previous record held by EliGE and Team Liquid, which stood at 3,013 days, according to HLTV. With rain’s exceptional performance and the lack of any competitors catching up, it is unlikely that his record will be surpassed anytime soon.

Other Players with Impressive Stints

While rain holds the top spot, other players have also showcased remarkable loyalty to their respective teams. BTN claims the third-place position, having played under Nexus’ banner for an impressive 2,841 days. Following closely are KRIMZ, who has been a part of Fnatic for over 2,700 days, and f0rest, who represented Ninjas in Pyjamas for 2,720 days.

FaZe rain contemplating after a lost match.
Rain has been with FaZe through ups and downs. Photo by Stephanie Lindgren via ESL Gaming

Rain’s incredible milestone of 3,014 days translates to more than eight years with FaZe since joining the team on Sept. 11, 2015. Throughout this journey, he has experienced triumphs, including winning prestigious tournaments such as IEM Katowice, IEM Cologne, Multiple ESL Pro Leagues, and the PGL Major Antwerp CS:GO Major in 2022.

Looking forward, it is highly likely that rain will continue his journey with FaZe, as there is no reason for him to leave. Currently considered the best team in the world, FaZe recently emerged victorious at IEM Chengdu 2024 on April 14. They also achieved runner-up status at the first CS2 Major in Copenhagen. Their consistent presence in the finals of every CS2 event they attend is evidence of their undeniable legacy.

FaZe’s incredible streak is set to continue with their participation in upcoming events, including ESL Pro League Season 19, IEM Dallas 2024, BLAST Premier Spring Final 2024, and Esports World Cup 2024, to name a few.

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