CS2 Player Creates a Unique Map by Transforming Her Cat into a Bombsite

By Arjun Nair
Cat ported into a CS2 map.

The CS2 Community Gets Creative with Fan-Made Maps

The public has been facing a shortage of new maps in CS2 since the game’s release. With popular options like Train and Cache still missing, players have taken matters into their own hands. One mapper, LillyKyu, has gone above and beyond by turning her cat into an actual playable map.

LillyKyu’s Cat Map Takes CS2 by Storm

LillyKyu, a talented CS2 mapper, has recently discovered a way to scan real-life places and items and import them into the game. She first shared her creations on March 25, demonstrating the fully playable Hintze Hall in London. But she didn’t stop there—LillyKyu also turned her sleeping cat into a functional CS2 bombsite!

A Unique Display of Creativity

In true Counter-Strike fashion, LillyKyu showcased her cat map by subjecting the sleepy feline to numerous Molotov cocktails before concluding with an explosive bomb plant. Additionally, she generously shared the 3D model of her cat, allowing other players to create their own versions or incorporate it into their CS2 maps.

Community Innovation and Valve’s Role

Counter-Strike has always inspired fan-made maps, each surpassing the previous in terms of uniqueness. Valve could learn a thing or two from the community and prioritize the release of Train and Cache to prevent players from resorting to even stranger creations.

Porting real-life locations into CS2 reminds me of a time when players used to recreate their own houses, schools, or other environments in games like Doom. This trend proves that the gaming community continues to push creative boundaries, and it’s unpredictable what else they will bring to the iconic shooter.

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