CS2 community, professional teams unite against controversial CSGOEmpire tournament after storming the stage

By Arjun Nair
CS2 community, professional teams unite against controversial CSGOEmpire tournament after storming the stage

In response to a chaotic incident at the PGL Copenhagen CS2 Major playoffs, fans and community members are urging teams and players to withdraw from an upcoming event organized by the same group.

During halftime of the G2 Esports and MOUZ quarterfinal match, individuals associated with the Counter-Strike skin-betting site CSGOEmpire rushed the stage in an attempt to disrupt the game. This action has angered the wider Counter-Strike community, and many are now calling for a boycott of the CSGOEmpire Cup, a tournament sponsored primarily by the site, which is scheduled to start on April 3.

SINNERS CEO tweet towards CSGOEmpire.
Orgs are already pulling out of the event. Image via @MoritzStraube on X.

Following the incident, many players and community members took to social media to urge teams and players participating in the CSGOEmpire Cup to withdraw from the event. Nexus, an Eastern European organization, immediately announced their decision to withdraw their roster from the tournament due to the shocking and disturbing nature of the recent events. MOUZ NXT coach Tobias “TOBIZ” Theo also stated that their roster will not be participating. SINNERS CEO Moritz Straube expressed his dissatisfaction with the tournament organizers, declaring that his team will no longer be participating.

Aside from Nexus, other teams invited to the CSGOEmpire Cup include Team Secret, BLEED, GamerLegion, 9 Pandas, as well as several academy rosters for teams like Virtus.pro, Astralis, and ENCE.

There is a possibility that the CSGOEmpire Cup may not even start as planned. During a livestream, the owner of CSGOEmpire offered viewers money to rush the stage, even providing handcuffs for those who were willing to cause more disruption. This was reported by Dust2.us.

In response to the disturbance, PGL released a statement confirming that they will be pressing charges against the disruptors. This means that the owners of CSGOEmpire could be legally liable for their actions. Additionally, this incident at the first CS2 Major could attract negative attention from Valve and result in further consequences.

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