Vista and Departures to be Tested as Ranked Play Maps in MW3 Post-CDL Major 2

By Arjun Nair
Vista and Departures to be Tested as Ranked Play Maps in MW3 Post-CDL Major 2

Call of Duty League Map Pool Might Change Depending on Community Feedback

According to a recent announcement from the developers on March 22, the official Call of Duty League map pool could undergo changes after Major 2. These changes will be based on the feedback received from an upcoming playtest involving the community.

Treyarch Adds New Maps to Competitive Game Modes

Treyarch, the developer of the game, has announced that two new maps called “Vista” and “Departures” will be added to all competitive game modes in #MW3 Ranked Play starting from Monday, March 25th. These maps will be available until Friday, March 29th. The decision to include these maps in the official map pool will be based on a combination of feedback and data. It’s important to note that these maps will not replace any of the current offerings.

Departures MW3
Departures is sure to divide fans over its size and lanes. Image via Activision

Community Suggestions for Map Replacements

The community members have reacted positively to the announcement and have started suggesting which maps should be replaced. Most recommendations have pointed out “Invasion” and “Terminal” as two maps that could potentially be removed from the current map pool.

An excited user responded, “Big fan of this. Don’t be afraid to do it sooner next time!” This comment refers to the desire of several Call of Duty League professionals who wanted the Season Two maps added to the league rotation before the Major 2 Qualifier matches began on February 17. Despite having a few weeks to test the new maps, Call of Duty League senior manager Spencer Peterson confirmed that none of the Season Two maps could be added to the professional map pool until after Major Two. The developers have kept their promise, and the community has shown appreciation for their decision.

Pro Players to Provide Input

The Major Three qualifier matches will start on April 12, giving professional players ample time to provide their input on the map pool. Although it is not yet disclosed who will have the final say on the decision, historically it has always come down to a vote led by the professionals.

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