New Update for MW3: Warzone Balances Aftermarket Part’s Overpowered ‘One-Shot-Kill Ability’

By Arjun Nair
New Update for MW3: Warzone Balances Aftermarket Part's Overpowered 'One-Shot-Kill Ability'

The JAK Outlaw-277 Conversion Kit Gets Nerfed in Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone

The powerful JAK Outlaw-277 Conversion Kit has recently received a nerf in both Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone. Aftermarket Parts are regularly released in these games and provide players with the opportunity to completely transform their weapons. One of the most recent additions was the AMP for the popular BAS-B battle rifle, which turned it into a lever-action gun with significant firepower.

It should be a bit more balanced now. Image via Activision

MW3 and Warzone Patch Notes for March 22

According to Sledgehammer Games, the goal of the JAK Outlaw-277 Conversion Kit was to provide a competitive option for players who enjoy a run-and-gun marksman playstyle. However, one-shot kills to the upper torso proved to be too powerful and overlapped with the Longbow and JAK Tyrant 762 Kit, losing its distinct identity.

Soon after the kit became available, players quickly realized its potent one-shot potential and started dominating in both MW3 multiplayer games and Warzone matches.

Nerfs to the AMP in MW3 and Warzone

Nerfs to the AMP in MW3 multiplayer include a significant reduction in upper tower damage multiplier, arm and hand damage multiplier, and a substantial 50% decrease in bullet velocity. On the positive side, it received an increase in lower torso damage, rate of fire, and a reduction in rechamber time and aim down sight rate-of-fire penalty.

According to the patch notes, the changes were made to carve a unique niche for this Aftermarket Part. Accurate players will still have room to showcase their skill and achieve one-shot-kill lethality with headshots. Additionally, the increased rechamber speed, fire rate, and inflicted flinch effect allow for competitive two-shot kills to the body, even against powerful weapons like the Longbow.

Changes in Warzone

Similar changes were made to the AMP in Warzone, aiming to create balance across both game modes. For comprehensive details on the changes, you can refer to the full patch notes on CoD’s website.

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