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New Update for Call of Duty: MW3 and Warzone Introduces AR and SMG Balance Improvements

The Latest Balancing Update for Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone

While Modern Warfare 3’s Season Three Reloaded update is likely still a couple of weeks away, the developers are hard at work on balancing in a new update today.

Today’s update for MW3 and Warzone includes bug fixes and minor changes, but there are also several balancing updates for multiple weapons throughout the game, including a couple of very popular assault rifles and submachine guns.

What to Expect in the April 16 Patch

Here’s everything that’s changed for weapons in MW3 and Warzone’s April 16 patch.

MW3 and Warzone patch notes for April 16 update

Ghost CoD operator preparing for battle in a building.
Here’s what’s changing. Image via Activision

The MTZ-556, Holger 556, and M16 (MW2) have all received some buffs in both MW3 and Warzone, making for some potentially interesting changes.

The Holger 556, already a popular choice, has had its recoil and gun kick adjusted to “decrease deviation, allowing a more predictable pattern,” and the MTZ-556 has gotten a minor six percent increase to its bullet velocity.

The announced major changes are for the M16, already released in a previous update, and are likely to adjust for an upcoming Aftermarket Part that allows it to fire in full-auto mode. The MW2 burst rifle has had a 20 percent decrease in horizontal and vertical recoil, a 20 percent decrease in gun kick, and an 18 percent decrease in visual recoil.

Elsewhere, there’s been a nerf to the RAM-9’s hipfire accuracy and aim down sight time, a nerf for the WSP Swarm’s flinch resistance, and some changes to the Striker. The SMG has had a minor decrease to its aim down sight time, but an increase to its bullet velocity.

In MW3 only, the JAK Maglift Kit for the Haymaker has been nerfed as well, because “the near-medium damage was set to an improper value, potentially allowing more ranged lethality than intended.”

You can check out the CoD website for both the MW3 and Warzone patch notes for today’s update.