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CoD Veteran Announces New Game Studio and Unveils Debut Project

Legendary Call of Duty Developer David Vonderhaar Announces New Studio and AAA Game

David Vonderhaar, who spent 18 years at Treyarch and played a key role in creating multiple Call of Duty titles, has recently revealed his plans for a new studio along with an exciting AAA game.

In August 2023, Vonderhaar departed from Treyarch, where he began as an online manager for CoD: Big Red in 2005. Throughout his career, he took on the role of Multiplayer design director for CoD: 3 and World at War. He then spearheaded the competitive mode and campaign development for the Black Ops series, and had a significant impact on Call of Duty’s venture into the battle royale genre by overseeing the creation of Blackout and the original Warzone.