Caitlyn’s Ultimate Unveils an Unusual League Interaction with Altered Hitbox

Caitlyn’s Hitbox Changes When Using Ultimate Ability

Have you ever noticed how champion hitboxes change in specific situations in League of Legends? Well, a player recently discovered a strange hitbox change while playing as Caitlyn in a bot game.

In a Reddit post, the player shared a clip where they stood at the border of the enemy team’s fountain and attempted to use Caitlyn’s ultimate on the opposing Nasus. Surprisingly, despite the ability being used outside of the fountain’s range, the fountain began to target Caitlyn because her model steps forward when using the ultimate.

Surprising Hitbox Change in Caitlyn’s Ultimate

Check out the original Reddit post here.

The clip starts by demonstrating that Caitlyn’s Q ability, which causes her to step back, does not trigger the same interaction. The player did not test if using this ability towards the Nexus at the fountain’s max range also triggers the fountain’s laser. However, a user in the comments confirmed that the interaction does not occur with Caitlyn’s Q ability.

A Unique Interaction

In theory, this interaction makes sense. However, other champions who have moving models while remaining stationary do not take damage in the same way. It’s worth noting that these movements are usually part of recalls and emotes, which are different from regular ability uses.

Compared to champions like Galio, who experiences a hitbox change when using his E ability, Caitlyn’s interaction with her ultimate and the enemy fountain seems like an unintentional oversight. Although this may not be the nerf that Caitlyn needs, it certainly adds to her uniqueness.

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