Caitlyn Accidentally Takes Down Enemy Bard While Katarina Recalls in League Match

Caitlyn’s Ace in the Hole: A Misdirected Ultimate

In League of Legends, some abilities require a short loading time before they can be used, while others can be blocked by allies. Caitlyn’s ultimate ability, Ace in the Hole (R), possesses both of these features.

Typically, Caitlyn players use this ability to chip away at an enemy champion’s health before a team fight or to secure a kill on a low-health enemy. However, in a recent game, the Sheriff of Piltover, Caitlyn, used her ultimate in a rather unexpected manner.

The action took place during a League match. The enemy champion, Katarina, attempted to recall in a bush in the bottom lane. Unfortunately for her, Caitlyn had a ward nearby that provided vision of Katarina’s recall. Seizing the opportunity, Caitlyn aimed to take down Katarina with her ultimate, Ace in the Hole.

To everyone’s surprise, Katarina successfully completed her recall, but Caitlyn’s ultimate did not dissipate or stop working. The bullet from Ace in the Hole continued tracking its target, shifting its path towards the enemy base. Normally, it would have struck Katarina as she stood safely in her base, healed and ready to return to her lane. However, this time, the bullet found its unintended target—an innocent Bard who was attempting to enter the river. Tragically, the support champion did not survive, sacrificing himself for his teammate.

Despite this impressive and unfortunate highlight, Caitlyn and her team did not achieve victory, as confirmed by However, with such remarkable precision, more wins are likely in store for Caitlyn’s player if they continue to master the Sheriff of Piltover.


Although Caitlyn’s misplaced ultimate did not result in a victory, it showcases the potential for skillful plays in League of Legends. Learning from this incident, Caitlyn’s player can further hone their abilities and aim for future triumphs.

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