Wolf transitions to the jungle, leading SK Telecom to triumph against ROX Tigers

SK Telecom T1 Shocks the Competition with Role-Swapping Strategy

SK Telecom T1 is renowned for their strategic player substitutions, but they surprised everyone by incorporating role-swapping in their recent match against the ROX Tigers. Lee “Wolf” Jae-wan, normally a support player, took on the jungle role and excelled at it. His exceptional performance earned him the MVP title for the series on SKT’s opening day.

This unexpected move caught everyone off guard for a couple of reasons. Firstly, Wolf is not a regular jungler, although he does play the role occasionally in solo queue. Secondly, SKT already has two junglers on their roster. Despite this, the team believed that using Wolf in the jungle position was a better choice specifically against the ROX Tigers.

In his post-series interview, Wolf revealed that this strategy may be used again in future matches. This presents a daunting challenge for teams facing SKT, as they will never know who to prepare for in the jungle. However, it also raises concerns for SKT’s fans. With two capable junglers on the roster, why did Wolf need to take on this new role? Is something not working out with the new addition, Blossom, or was it simply an experimental move by Wolf?

Despite these uncertainties, Wolf’s exceptional abilities as one of the world’s best supports seamlessly transitioned to the tanky playmaker, Sejuani. He controlled the pace of the game and set up SKT in nearly every teamfight, ultimately leading them to victory.

SKT’s next game is against Jin Air GreenWings this Saturday at 6am ET, leaving fans eagerly anticipating what formation the team will use.

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