Why are CS:GO Case Openings So Addictive?

Find where CS:GO players open cases and discover why 40 million cases are opened monthly

In March 2023, CS:GO players opened a total of 39.475 million cases, averaging to around 45 boxes per player. This figure only reflects in-game openings, as there are also numerous cases opened on online platforms. So, what’s the reason behind the love for loot crates? Let’s find out.

Where do players open cases?

Did you know that CS:GO players have options beyond the game client to open cases? Online platforms like Farmskins offer a variety of benefits compared to the default method. Farmskins provides bonuses, promotions, free items, cases, and cash. It also features unique case-opening mechanics like Case Battle, where openers can compete with each other for more valuable loot. Some players still prefer classic case openings, either due to fear of trying something new or a lack of trust in non-Valve resources. But there are several reasons why they are addicted to this craft.

Case Opening brings Fun

The most straightforward reason for opening cases is the fun it brings. The excitement of winning a rare skin with low chances is addictive. Each win reinforces the desire to experience that feeling again, leading to more regular case openings.

Cases Give Them Profit

For many players, case opening is a business. They track their spending and income, creating tables to evaluate their strategies and decide whether to change or continue. Different players adopt different strategies, with some monitoring CS:GO media and markets to buy cases when prices increase, while others prefer cheaper options.

Case-Opening Improves Their Style

Opening cases provides players with a wide range of skins to stand out among others. Some players meticulously examine each CS:GO case to find specific items they desire, often for creating themed weapon loadouts. Others simply open cases to find a skin they like at a lower price compared to buying it directly from the market. It’s a chance to hit the jackpot and get cool skins for a reasonable price.

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To Get the Skin of Their Dreams

Many CS:GO players dream of owning certain skins that are no longer available for sale, like the Dragon Lore or Gungnir. Opening cases is often the only way to obtain these skins. However, players who pursue these dream skins are not the most active case openers. They might only open a few cases a month and hope for the best due to the higher prices of these cases, with some exceptions for high rollers.

To Be Part of the Community

Being part of the CS:GO community means following its rules and feeling connected. Some players open cases to maintain their connection to the community, even if they don’t approach openings as seriously as others. They still enjoy grinding the boxes from time to time.

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