Where to Find Massive Rocky Eggs in Palworld

Where to Find Huge Rocky Eggs in Palworld

Looking to find Huge Rocky Eggs in Palworld? We’ve got you covered! In this guide, we’ll show you the best locations to uncover these prized eggs.

1. The Forest Area:
One of the most reliable places to find Huge Rocky Eggs is in the Forest Area. Explore the dense foliage and keep an eye out for large rock formations. These areas often hide nests with these valuable eggs.

2. The Cliffs:
Venturing to the Cliffs is another great option for finding Huge Rocky Eggs. Navigate your way through the elevated terrain, and you’ll come across various rock outcrops. These outcrops are known to house nests brimming with these sought-after eggs.

3. The Volcano:
For the more adventurous players, the Volcano is a prime location to discover Huge Rocky Eggs. Head towards the fiery landscapes and be cautious of the glowing lava flows. Amidst the volcanic activity, you’ll stumble upon nests containing these precious eggs.

Remember, Palworld is full of surprises, so always be on the lookout for unique locations where these eggs may be hiding. Happy hunting!

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