When will the new Arena game mode in LoL be available on live servers?

Soul Fighter: League of Legends Summer Event

As the summer heat rolls in, League of Legends fans are getting ready for the exciting seasonal event, Soul Fighter. In addition to this event, Riot Games is introducing new skins, passes, and a brand new experience called Arena to keep players entertained while staying cool.

Introducing Arena: A New Game Mode

Arena is a unique game mode that offers fast-paced action and unique builds, similar to Teamfight Tactics’ Double Up mode. Featuring four new miniature maps, a wide range of wild Augments to choose from, and endless possibilities for creating the perfect combination of champions and builds, Arena promises to be the highlight of the summer when it launches.

LoL Arena Release Date

Arena will be available on League’s live servers starting from July 20, giving players ample time to familiarize themselves with the new Augments and strategize with potential teammates. If you can’t wait to try out all the new gameplay elements, you can join the PBE testing server from June 27 onwards.

Please note that the game mode is subject to change as players test out various overpowered builds and Augments. However, the main goal of the mode is to encourage experimentation and ridiculousness.

Arena: Permanent Addition to League?

Many players have been eagerly anticipating a permanent addition to League’s current game modes, and Arena might just be the answer to their prayers. However, Riot has confirmed that Arena will not be a permanent game mode yet. The developers want to gauge its popularity among the player base during this summer session. If Arena receives positive feedback and proves to be a hit, it may return at a later date as a permanent game mode.

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