What LP Threshold is Required for Ranking Up in Teamfight Tactics?

Hey Teamfight Tactics players! We hope you’re all doing well and racking up those League Points. Today, we want to talk about the ranking system in Teamfight Tactics, which is a topic of interest for many players. Let’s dive in and learn how the ranking system works, how it differs from League of Legends, and some tips for winning League Points quickly.

Teamfight Tactics is a spin-off game of League of Legends that was released in 2019 and has been gaining popularity ever since. It’s an auto-battler where you have to think tactically to outlast seven other players and be the last one standing.

Similar to League of Legends, Teamfight Tactics has a ranking system with nine tiers: Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master, Grandmaster, and Challenger. Progressing through the tiers requires moving through four levels within each tier.

A Guide to the Teamfight Tactics Ranking System

Let’s start with the basics. In Teamfight Tactics, you start at the Iron tier and need to complete five placement matches to showcase your skills and move out of the Iron tier. Unlike League of Legends, you can play ranked matches right from level one. However, there are some restrictions on playing ranked matches with friends. For a party of five, you have to be Gold tier or lower, and for a party of three, you need to be a Platinum tier or higher.

Let’s Talk About Ranked Seasons

Ranked seasons in Teamfight Tactics are shorter compared to League of Legends. A new ranked season starts every few months, usually tied to a specific Set in the game. Each Set introduces new units, champions, and mechanics that enhance gameplay. The current season began in November 2021 and is expected to end in February 2022.

What About Promotions in Teamfight Tactics?

Each new Set in Teamfight Tactics brings fresh content and features, including new units and abilities. To stay competitive, it’s important to keep up with the Sets and learn how to play with the new mechanics. Promotions work differently in Teamfight Tactics compared to League of Legends. There are no promotion series in Teamfight Tactics, and when you reach 100 League Points, you immediately move to the next division while carrying the remaining League Points with you. It’s crucial to aim for the top four positions in each game, as finishing in the top four grants League Points while finishing fifth or lower doesn’t. The higher your rank, the more League Points you earn.

Rules of Demotions and Decays

In the higher divisions of Master, Grandmaster, and Challenger, players have a bank of 10 games, with one game being removed from the bank each day. If a player has no banked games left, they’ll lose 250 League Points. However, decays only affect top players, and provisional matches are exempt from decay. Demotions can only occur if a player loses while having zero League Points in their division or tier. MMR is also a factor in potential demotions, as having low MMR for your rank can result in demotion to a lower tier or division.

What About Rewards for the Best Players at the End of Teamfight Tactics Ranked Season?

Riot rewards players who finish the season in the Gold tier or higher with emotes and Little Legends. The higher your ranking, the more prestigious the rewards. So put in your best effort and strive for success throughout the season. If you want to change servers after the season ends, your MMR and rewards will carry over to the new server.

List of Top Players

Here’s a list of top players by region:

Region Grandmaster Challenger
KR 700 300
EUW 500 200
North America 500 200
EUNE 100 50
Brazil 100 50
Turkey 100 50
Latin America North 100 50
Latin America South 100 50
Oceania 100 50
Japan 100 50
Russia 100 50

Final Thoughts

That wraps up our guide to the Teamfight Tactics ranking system. It’s similar to League of Legends, with nine tiers and four levels within each tier. Ranked seasons in Teamfight Tactics are shorter, and there can be multiple seasons in a year, each tied to a Set. Play with friends to increase your chances of climbing the ranks. Aim for the Gold tier or higher to be eligible for end-of-season rewards. Remember, you don’t have to go through promotion series in Teamfight Tactics, which makes ranking up a bit easier. Good luck and have fun!

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