What is the Ideal Creep Score (CS) to Aim for in the First 10 Minutes?

How to Gather Gold Fast in League of Legends

League of Legends is a competitive team game where you face your enemies and strive to best them. If you want to play League of Legends, it is recommended to learn how to gather gold fast. Farming is a fundamental part of the game and involves earning gold by killing minions and other players.

Farming can be challenging for some players, but it is essential for success in the game. To farm effectively, players must learn the basics and practice their skills. The laning phase, in particular, is the best time to focus on farming and gaining gold and experience.

There are different strategies for managing your creep score (CS) farming to optimize your gold income. These strategies include fast pushing, slow pushing, and freezing the lane. Each strategy has its advantages and can be used in specific situations to gain an advantage over your opponents.

What is Farming?

Farming is the process of earning gold in the game by killing minions and other creatures. It is more efficient to stay in the lane and clear waves of minions instead of roaming around the map. Different types of minions give varying amounts of gold, and it’s important to clear waves, kill epic monsters, and jungle monsters to maximize your gold income.

Manage Your CS Farming!

To optimize your CS farming, it is crucial to understand and employ different strategies such as fast pushing, slow pushing, and freezing the lane. These strategies allow you to control the waves and create favorable situations for yourself.

Let’s Start by Explaining the Fast Push

Fast pushing is a strategy where you gather a large wave of minions from your side and push them onto the enemy side. This puts pressure on the enemy, forcing them to either come back to their lane or risk losing gold from the wave. Fast pushing can be used when the enemy is away from the lane, allowing you to attack the tower or roam to help your allies.

Freezing the Lane

Freezing the lane is a more advanced strategy that involves keeping the enemy away from the farm by controlling the minion waves. By last hitting minions and delaying your attacks, you can prevent the wave from pushing towards the enemy, denying them gold and experience. Freezing the lane is useful when you are falling behind or want to protect yourself from ganks by the enemy jungle.

Slow Push

Slow pushing is a strategy used in the late stages of the game. By killing the enemy caster minions first, you can create a large wave that slowly pushes towards the enemy, giving you time to help your team or secure objectives.

How much CS should you have at the 10th minute of the game?

The optimal CS at the 10th minute of the game is around 10 per minute. This means that by the 10th minute, you should have around 100 CS. However, for beginners, aiming for 7 to 8 CS per minute is a more realistic goal. Anything below that is considered bad farming.

How to Improve the CS per Minute

To improve your CS per minute, it is crucial to practice last-hitting minions and mastering wave management techniques. Practice in custom matches or with friends to focus solely on CS. Set goals for yourself and gradually increase your CS rate over time.


CS farming is a critical aspect of League of Legends and can determine your success in the game. By mastering wave management techniques and practicing last hitting, you can optimize your gold income and gain an advantage over your opponents. Remember to set realistic goals and continuously improve your CS per minute to become a better player.

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