What constitutes a strong rank in the game League of Legends?

League of Legends is a highly competitive E-Sports game. Some play for fun, while others play to win. Winning allows players to earn League Points (LP) and advance to higher ranks in the game.

Understanding the ranking system and the different ranks can be confusing for new players. In this article, we will discuss how to unlock ranked matches and what ranks are considered good in League of Legends.

Ranking In League Of Legends

In League of Legends, not all game modes contribute to the ranking system. Ranked matches are the key to earning LP and increasing your rank.

To participate in ranked matches and earn LP, players must reach level 30. Leveling up can be done by playing a lot of matches and completing in-game missions. Once level 30 is reached, the Ranked mode unlocks and players can play their first placement match.

Winning ranked matches will earn you LP and increase your rank. However, losing a match will cause you to lose LP and potentially drop in rank.

How Many Ranks Are In League Of Legends?

Currently, there are nine ranks in League of Legends. These ranks indicate the skill level of players and range from Iron (lowest) to Challenger (highest).

Each rank is further divided into four divisions, with Division I being the highest and Division IV being the lowest. The Master, Grandmaster, and Challenger ranks do not have divisions.

How Do You Unlock Ranked Matches In League Of Legends?

Ranked matches are initially locked for new players. To unlock them, players must reach level 30 and have unlocked 20 or more champions. This ensures that players have a good understanding of the game mechanics and are equipped to participate in ranked matches.

How Do You Climb Ranks?

How Do You Climb Ranks?

Climbing ranks in League of Legends is based on winning matches and earning LP. The more matches you win, the faster your climb towards higher ranks. However, losing a match will cause you to lose LP and slow your progress.

The MMR System

The MMR (Matchmaking Rating) system is a hidden number that measures the skill level of a team. Teams with similar MMR values are matched to ensure fair gameplay. Winning against a team with a higher MMR value will earn you more LP, while losing to a lower MMR team will result in a greater LP loss.

Climbing A Rank Division

To climb a division, players must win enough matches to earn 100 LP. Losing 100 LP will cause a player to drop to the division below. The number of LP gained or lost in each match depends on your MMR. Winning consecutively will boost your MMR and potentially match you with higher-ranked players.

Season Reset

At the end of each season, there is a soft reset where players lose a rank and a division. This allows players to start the new season with a lower MMR value and potentially build up a winning streak. Preseason stats are important as they can affect your placement in the next season.

Player Distribution In Ranks

The player distribution in ranks gives an indication of the difficulty to reach higher ranks. The majority of players fall into the Silver and Gold ranks, while the higher ranks have significantly fewer players. The Challenger rank is comprised of only the top players in the game.

What Is A Good Rank In League Of Legends?

What Is A Good Rank In League Of Legends?

A good rank in League of Legends is subjective. It can depend on personal goals and skill level. Generally, reaching Gold I or Gold II is considered a good rank as it puts you in the top 20% of players. Beyond Gold, ranks become more difficult to achieve and require significant time and effort.


Understanding the ranking system in League of Legends is crucial for players looking to climb the ranks. It requires time, effort, and skill. Reaching Gold is a significant achievement, but the ultimate goal is to continually improve and strive for higher ranks. Good luck!

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