What Are the Optimal Runes for Junglers in League of Legends?

If you play Jungle, you know there are many champions that can fit this role. Each champion has different preferences and jobs, but there are some runes that are generally good for most jungle champions.

The best runes for Junglers include Fleet Footwork, Predator, Zombie Ward, Relentless Hunter, Nimbus Cloak, Waterwalking, Cosmic Insight, Celerity, Legend: Alacrity, Future’s Market, Conditioning, Hexflash, Ghost Poro, and Absolute Focus.

These runes provide general value regardless of the champion you are playing. They can be used on most champions and will give you value as long as you play the role properly. Let’s take a closer look at these runes.

Best Keystones For Junglers

Fleet Footwork

Fleet Footwork is a common rune for junglers that struggle with their health during jungle clears. Unlike other Keystones, Fleet provides a small heal when you auto-attack jungle monsters, which helps maintain your HP in case of invasions or river fights. It also provides movement speed, allowing you to kite camps and move across the map efficiently.


Predator is a great ganking rune and is often used by off-meta junglers. It provides movement speed, allowing you to catch up to opponents during ganks. Examples of junglers that take Predator are Skarner, Singed, and Morgana.

Best Runes For Junglers

Legend: Alacrity

Legend: Alacrity gives increased Attack Speed as you stack it, making it useful for clearing the jungle quickly. Most champions that prefer the Precision primary tree will benefit from this rune.

Zombie Ward

Zombie Ward allows you to benefit from wards placed by enemies, giving you vision and Adaptive Power. It is rewarding when combined with Umbral Glaive. This rune is popular among junglers who choose the Domination tree.

Ghost Poro

Ghost Poro grants vision in an area even after the ward expires, making it useful for warding as a jungler. It is recommended to place the wards where enemies are likely to walk over them early in the game to stack the rune faster.

Relentless Hunter

Relentless Hunter is great for junglers and supports who need to move around the map and gank. It provides movement speed and is often taken by junglers who need to gank frequently or have low movement speed.

Nimbus Cloak

Nimbus Cloak provides a burst of movement speed when a summoner spell is used, making it useful for closing the gap during ganks or stealing objectives. This rune is commonly taken by junglers who choose the Sorcery tree.


Celerity is a movement speed rune that synergizes well with other movement speed runes and abilities. It is helpful for junglers who rely on movement speed.

Absolute Focus

Absolute Focus provides bonus AD or AP based on your current health percentage. It can help you clear the jungle faster and retain damage during ganks. This rune is suitable for jungle champions who usually maintain a high health pool.


Waterwalking provides movement speed and AD/AP while you are in the river. It is ideal for early skirmishes and contests for scuttle crab.


Conditioning provides scaling Armor and Magic Resist, making it a good rune for tank or bruiser junglers who need to be the frontline for their team.


Hexflash allows you to cross walls and obstacles, enabling unexpected ganks and objective steals. It is especially useful for junglers who can’t cross walls naturally.

Future’s Market

Future’s Market allows you to hit item breakpoints earlier by borrowing gold. It gives you a potential advantage over the enemy jungler and can be helpful when you lack gold for important items.

Cosmic Insight

Cosmic Insight reduces summoner spell and item cooldowns, making it valuable for junglers who rely on these for ganks and fights.

General Rune Pages

If you are unsure about your rune choice, here are some general rune pages that work well for different types of junglers: Tank Champion, Bruiser/Fighter, Stronger Ganking, and Better Sustain.

In conclusion, the Jungle role offers a variety of runes to choose from. Consider the champion you are playing and the requirements of your team composition when selecting runes. Choose runes that assist your clear speed and allow you to navigate the map effectively.

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