VALORANT community excited for new agent Clove despite familiar abilities

By Arjun Nair
Valorant Clove agent

VALORANT’s Newest Agent, Clove, Receives Positive Fan Response

Initial fan response to VALORANT’s newest agent, Clove, has been mostly positive. However, players have raised concerns about the character reusing abilities from other agents.

Clove, a Scottish non-binary Controller-type agent who can resurrect themselves, was unveiled on March 24 during the final day of VCT Masters Madrid. Professional players like Tenz found Clove to be “different” and “cool” after an early glimpse. Casual players also seem to be enjoying Clove ahead of their addition to the game.

Clove’s signature skill is self-resurrection, which has been well-received by fans. The abilities of Clove have been praised by players, with comments on Reddit expressing excitement about their potential in gameplay. Players appreciate the self-heal, self-revive, and post-mortem smokes abilities of Clove, especially controller mains who believe these abilities are the best among all the options available.

Fans believe that once Clove is added to VALORANT, professional players will gravitate towards them. There is anticipation that Clove will be instantly picked up by teams in VCT due to their abilities. However, some teams might hesitate to experiment with a new agent. Tenz, in particular, is expected to be fond of Clove.

There have been complaints about Clove reusing abilities from other agents, especially Reyna and Iso. However, fans have countered these comments by stating that each character in VALORANT has access to the same guns. Some players appreciate having an agent with certain abilities that other agents have, as it allows for better team composition.

In the VALORANT community, gunplay and strategy are considered the core aspects of the game. While there are abilities and different roles in the game, the focus remains on tactical shooting. The reuse of abilities by Riot Games is seen as a positive aspect, as it allows for better balance and avoids the issue faced by Overwatch 2, where unique abilities for each character lead to unbalanced gameplay and complex kits.

Overall, Clove’s gameplay reveal trailer on YouTube has received mostly positive comments. While there has been some backlash towards Clove’s gender identity, many VALORANT fans have defended their non-binary representation.

In conclusion, the addition of Clove to VALORANT has generated excitement among players. Their abilities and unique characteristics have received praise from both casual and professional players. While there have been some concerns about reused abilities, the majority of fans appreciate the overall balance and strategic nature of the game.

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