Underrated VALORANT Agents in 2023

By Arjun Nair
The least picked VALORANT agents that could help a team win Champions 2023

VALORANT Champions 2023: Discover the Underrated VALORANT Agents

This month, Los Angeles will host VALORANT Champions 2023, the ultimate challenge for professional teams. With a world championship on the line, only one team will emerge victorious out of the sixteen competing.

Fans can anticipate thrilling plays, marathon overtime matches, and the presence of familiar agents seen throughout the VCT calendar. Killjoy will act as the primary sentinel anchor, while Jett and Raze will provide aerial prowess. Skye will serve as the quick-hit initiator, and Viper will establish a green-hued broadcast.

However, what if teams decide to go against convention and pick niche agents that could be the key to their success? By analyzing the data, we have identified three agents who have been underutilized but have the potential to make a significant impact in winning the championship.


Reyna is an agent that has been popular among ranked players but rarely sees play at the professional level. This is due to her lack of utility for the team and her weak blinds. However, in the hands of highly skilled players, Reyna has the potential to dominate a map with her aim. Paper Rex won the VCT Pacific title using Reyna, relying on their superstar player’s pure aim ability to secure multikills and intimidate opponents. While the best teams in the world may be prepared to counter Reyna, there is always a chance for her to take over a game.


In response to questions about his place in the meta, Chamber confidently stated, “I’m back.” Although he may not have the same impact as before, there is a growing interest in bringing Chamber back into the game. Despite his nerfs, Chamber can still secure opening kills without being traded and contribute to a team’s economy with his abilities. ZETA DIVISION showcased his potential during their LCQ run, with Laz delivering strong performances on Bind. If Chamber can continue to excel, he has the potential to make a difference in critical matches.


Gekko, a hometown favorite in L.A., presents an intriguing case. While most of his abilities can be destroyed by gunfire, he excels at creating space and using Wingman plants effectively. Wingman planting allows teams to secure advantageous post-plant angles and increases the chances of a successful defuse in smoke during retakes. Paper Rex and EDward Gaming have both found success with Gekko in previous tournaments, demonstrating the impact he can have on critical rounds.

While we don’t expect these agents to suddenly become the most popular picks at VALORANT Champions 2023, they do possess the potential to turn the tides in critical matches. Whether it’s established teams using sleeper agents or underdogs discovering their hidden strengths, keep an eye out for these unusual picks when the tournament starts on August 6.

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