Exceptional VALORANT voice lines that would enhance the excitement of rare aces

By Arjun Nair

How Clove’s Addition in VALORANT Has Changed the Game

One of the most impressive things you can do in VALORANT is get an ace (a.k.a. five kills in a round). This usually means killing each agent on the enemy team, but there are two exceptions with Sage and Clove’s ultimates. Sage can resurrect one teammate with her ult, while Clove players can take matters into their own hands and bring themselves back to life. If either ult is used in a round, there’s a total of six kills to be claimed on that VALORANT team. If both ults are used in the same round, then there’s up to seven kills to be claimed. You still only need five kills for it to be considered an ace in these scenarios, but getting six or seven would make for an exceptional clip, considering how rare they are.

The Rise of Six-Kill Aces in the VALORANT Community

Before Clove’s recent release, six-kill aces were limited to rounds where Sage used her ult, and it wasn’t guaranteed Sage would be picked in the first place. On top of that, someone would have to be skilled or lucky enough to get all six of those kills. But thanks to Clove, players now have a lot more opportunities for these rare aces, as mentioned in an April 27 Reddit thread. Not only has Clove been a popular pick since release, but their ult also requires one less point than Sage’s. So now there’s a good chance you’ll encounter either Clove, Sage, or both in your games, with multiple rounds where six or seven-kill aces are possible.

New Voice Lines for Epic Moments in VALORANT

Because these situations are more likely now, players suggested adding voice lines after getting aces with more than five kills. To spark inspiration, one creative player came up with samples, which received praise from players for being on brand with each agent’s personality. For example, Brimstone’s line poked fun at his age, Yoru’s embodied his cockiness, and Raze’s showed her love of explosives. My favorite was Jett’s line: “Wait so is it still badam badam?”—a play on her usual ace line where she mimics the ace sound cue.

While some of the sample voice lines were specifically for six-kill aces, other VALORANT players suggested they could be tweaked to also work for seven kills or more, no matter how unlikely that would be. That way, we can truly get our five seconds of glory for being the MVP of that round before the next one starts.

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