Riot announces release date for VALORANT Premier open beta

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Riot Games Sets Date for VALORANT Premier Open Beta

Riot Games has announced the official calendar for the open beta of Premier, the new competitive system in the popular game VALORANT. This system is designed to offer players more competitive opportunities outside of the ranked mode.

The open beta for Premier is planned to debut during Episode Six, Act Three. Based on the current schedule of VALORANT Acts, this is likely to happen in early May, although this date is subject to change.

Premier was introduced as the official “path-to-pro” game mode for competitive VALORANT, similar to the Clash mode in League of Legends. Players can form teams and participate in scheduled weekly matches during an Act. It was initially released as an alpha test exclusively in Brazil.

The introduction of Premier is an important step in the development of VALORANT’s esports ecosystem. It offers amateur players a potential pathway to rise through the ranks and reach the international VCT league and even the Champions division.

Each season of Premier will take place within an Act of the game and will conclude with a playoff tournament to determine the champion of each skill division. Successful teams in Premier will have the opportunity to compete in Challengers leagues. VALORANT esports lead Leo Faria has confirmed that Premier will eventually replace open qualifiers.

Stay tuned for the upcoming Premier open beta in VALORANT to experience the new competitive system firsthand.

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