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Potential Leaks Hint at Global Availability of Highly Awaited VALORANT Knife

Riot Games Leaked VALORANT Skins to be Available Worldwide, Not Just in China

Riot Games, the developer of the popular first-person shooter game VALORANT, has always impressed players with its stunning visuals and unique weapon skins. Recently, a leaked knife skin created a frenzy among fans, as it was believed to be exclusively available in China. However, new leaks suggest that this special melee skin may be available globally.

Leaked VALORANT Knife Skin: Kitana

Yesterday, leaks revealed a new fan-like knife called Kitana, featuring a beautifully-designed model, impressive visual and sound effects, and a captivating inspect animation that will catch your attention during gameplay. The blade showcases different colored feathers, with the red variant igniting as you slash your enemies on the battlefield.

Not Just for Chinese Players

Initially, it was rumored that the Kitana knife skin would only be released to celebrate VALORANT’s launch in China and would be exclusive to players in the region. However, VALORANT data miner “valohabercisi” has discovered new information suggesting that the knife will be available for purchase globally, in celebration of the debut of the Chinese servers. It will be a limited-time sale, making it even more desirable for players worldwide. The knife will never return to the store and won’t be part of any Night Markets.

Potential Popularity and Price

If these leaks turn out to be true, Riot Games could witness a surge in sales for one of the most sought-after skins in VALORANT’s history. With its various animations, the Kitana knife skin could be priced around $50 to $60, making it a significant investment for players looking to enhance their gaming experience.

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