One issue with VALORANT passives is causing frustration among players

By Arjun Nair
Valorant agents Jett, Raze, and Killjoy walking toward the camera.

Diving into Jett’s Passive Ability in VALORANT

Jett has remained one of the top agents in VALORANT, despite multiple nerfs over the years. One intriguing aspect that sets her apart from other characters is her real passive ability. However, the community is puzzled about why Jett is the only agent with this unique trait.

An Unconventional Advantage

A Reddit user recently brought attention to Jett’s ability to drift without the use of any abilities. This subtle advantage not only makes her character feel more well-rounded, but it also adds fun to the gameplay. This discussion has sparked curiosity among players, as they wonder why no other agent possesses a similar passive ability.

Exploring Other Passives in VALORANT

While it may seem that Jett is the only agent with a real passive, this is not entirely accurate. Riot designer penguin clarified that Phoenix’s ability to heal off his own fire can also be considered a passive. In fact, according to the game’s wiki page, several agents have passive or passive-like abilities, including Astra, Fade, Neon, Viper, Phoenix, and Reyna.

Uncovering Hidden Mechanics

Additionally, players have discovered interesting passive mechanics for other agents. For example, Yoru’s hands glow when an enemy Yoru equips a charge of Gatecrash, providing a visual cue. Similarly, Raze’s ability to boost herself with Blast Packs can be seen as a sort of passive.

A Different Approach to Passives

But Jett’s Drift stands out because it doesn’t consume an ability charge or rely on other crucial aspects like other passive abilities in VALORANT. This distinction has led players to compare VALORANT’s interpretation of passives with other games like Overwatch and Apex Legends.

Some players have suggested potential passive abilities in VALORANT, such as reduced fall damage, decreased flinch when getting shot, faster spike planting/defusing, increased ammo reserves, or faster weapon swap speed. However, they emphasize that passives should be inherent to each character and not reliant on their other abilities.

So, now you understand why Jett seems almost immortal in the game. Her unique passive ability sets her apart and adds an extra layer of complexity to her gameplay.

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