Leaked Preview of VALORANT Mobile Skin Menu Surpasses PC Version in Looks

By Arjun Nair
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VALORANT Mobile Reveals New Details about Skin Collection

The highly anticipated VALORANT Mobile, also known as Project C, recently unveiled some exciting new features. In a leak on September 12, a 25-minute video showcased the game’s skin collection menu and inspection screens.

The video gives viewers a detailed look at every skin available in VALORANT Mobile, showing each one at every upgrade stage. It also provides a glimpse of the game’s user interface (UI), which appears to be cleaner and more streamlined compared to the PC version of VALORANT.

One significant advantage of the mobile version is that it provides fullscreen previews of skins. In contrast, the PC version displays previews in a small window, making it difficult to grasp how the skin will truly appear after purchase.

Furthermore, the mobile previews appear to be downloaded from the cloud, similar to the PC version, rather than being stored on the device. This means mobile users don’t have to worry about their storage space too much.

The video showcases various popular skin lines such as Glitchpop, Ruination, and Elderflame. However, no exclusive skins have been found yet. It’s important to note that the mobile version of League of Legends, Wild Rift, has exclusive skins, so it’s possible they may be added to VALORANT Mobile in the future.

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An interesting detail is that skin previews in the video do not feature kill banners. This may be because the player in the preview kills a bot (which does not trigger a kill banner), or the developers decided to keep the mobile version’s screen as clean as possible during gameplay.

Many Twitter users have praised the mobile version, stating that it looks “really good.” Considering Riot Games occasionally introduces UI changes to VALORANT on PC, it’s possible that similar updates could be implemented in the future.

While fans are excited about the leaked footage, the exact release date for VALORANT Mobile remains uncertain.

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