Leaked Name of Upcoming VALORANT Initiator Agent

By Arjun Nair
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The Newest VALORANT Agent “Fade” Leaked by Dataminers

The next agent set to join the popular game VALORANT has been leaked by prominent dataminers. The newest addition to the agent roster, an initiator, will be named Fade.

Leaked Information from Dataminers

The new agent’s name, Fade, was revealed by two well-known dataminers, ValorLeaks and Shiick. They both disclosed that Fade is an initiator from Turkey who uses both terror and tactics to stalk her prey.

Fear Theme in VALORANT

This leak supports the fear theme that VALORANT has been promoting in recent weeks. Official VALORANT channels have been releasing teasers showing agents in various states of fear. The ongoing VCT Masters Reykjavík event is also embracing this theme.

New Agent as an Initiator

The community has been referring to the upcoming agent as “Bounty Hunter.” In a blog post called “State of the Agents” released in March, the developers confirmed that the new agent would be an initiator with Turkish origins. They also mentioned that her abilities would create an intimate experience when hunting down enemies, focusing on localized initiation and recon tools.

No screenshots or footage of Fade have appeared yet, and Riot has not officially confirmed the name. However, fans can expect the new agent to make her official debut at the start of act three, which begins after the current episode ends on April 25.

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