Jinggg surprises with Sage pick against Gen.G in pro VALORANT comeback

By Arjun Nair

Exciting Duelist Returns to VALORANT with a Bang

After a three-month break from competitive VALORANT, one of the world’s most exciting duelists has made his long-awaited comeback. Wang “Jinggg” Jing Jie from Paper Rex has returned to the pro scene and has already made an impact with his exceptional skills.

A Surprising Role Swap

In his second week back, Jinggg shocked everyone by taking on a different role. Known for his dominance as Raze, he surprised everyone by playing as a Sentinel for the first time in months. Despite the unexpected change, he managed to deliver outstanding performances and led his team to two consecutive victories against Gen.G.

The more exciting option. Image via Riot Games

A Different Approach with Sage

During the series, Jinggg played Sage while his team was down a game. This unexpected decision showcased his versatility and adaptability. Although Sage is not known for her aggressive playstyle, Jinggg managed to make an impact by utilizing her supportive abilities effectively. Despite not achieving the same level of fragging potential as his usual agent, Raze, Jinggg’s rounds from the backlines proved vital in securing crucial victories.

Unleashing the Power of an Aggressive Sage

While Raze and Reyna are often considered the more duel-heavy agents, an aggressive Sage can provide significant advantages for a coordinated team. With her Barrier Wall and Slow Orb, Sage can manipulate enemy positions and create opportunities for well-aimed one-on-one engagements. Jinggg’s aggressive approach with Sage surprised and impressed many, showing the depth of his skills beyond his main agent.

Return to Dominance

With a close 13-11 victory on Icebox, Jinggg’s team, Paper Rex, secured the win. Although Jinggg eventually returned to his familiar agent, Raze, for the remainder of the series, his performance on Sage highlighted his adaptability and willingness to contribute to his team’s success. With 51 kills, 48 deaths, and 13 assists, Jinggg proved that he is regaining his form and is ready to dominate the VALORANT scene once again.

The exciting return of Jinggg has undoubtedly left fans eager to see more action from this talented player. As he continues to shake off the rust and regain his peak form, it’s clear that his return to competitive play will provide thrilling moments for fans and further solidify his reputation as one of the best duelists in the world.

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