VALORANT Pros Left in Awe by Mind-blowing Raze Technique

By Arjun Nair

Raze’s Blast Pack Surprises Pros with Unusual Blind Effect

VALORANT’s rocket-launching duelist Raze is usually known for a more chaotic playstyle, and now she’s completely catching pros off guard with an unusual use of her Blast Pack in the series between 100 Thieves and NRG.

For the most part, Raze’s Blast Pack satchel is used to send her flying onto site or elevate her movement, especially when popping her Showstopper. Other times, it can be thrown at other VALORANT agents to deter them or hinder movement. Little did players know the satchel could also be used as a blind under extremely rare circumstances, as seen in the match between 100 Thieves and NRG in VCT Americas Split One.

Raze’s Blast Pack is multi-purpose. Screenshot via 100 Thieves Valorant on Youtube

In the chaotic clip posted by 100 Thieves on X (formerly Twitter), NRG’s Victor threw a last-ditch-effort Blast Pack just as Asuna shot him down. That Blast Pack flung directly onto Asuna’s face, blocking most of his vision until it exploded. Rather than a full flash from Skye or Yoru, Raze’s satchel “blind” resembled Gekko’s blind as it covered most of the screen while leaving some of the outer edges visible. Of course, if the satchel had landed more in the middle of Asuna’s vision, it could’ve potentially covered the entire screen. Thankfully, Asuna was able to stay alive while blinded as his team secured the round.

Naturally, this moment left the 100T crew and other pros in utter shock. In addition to the roaring crowd, you could hear Boostio and Bang freaking out while spectating Asuna’s POV and laughing about it after winning the round. Similarly, popular VALORANT streamers Tarik and s0m couldn’t stop shouting in disbelief as it unfolded live. “Yo, get this sh*t off me!” s0m joked.

Based on the pros’ surprised reactions, it seems like many were unaware it was even possible for Raze’s Blast Pack to attach to an enemy’s face and block vision. After all, what are the chances the satchel would accidentally fly onto your face? I’m just glad it was all caught on stream during a pro match for everyone to witness. Perhaps we’ll see this moment turned into art for a player card or spray in a future battle pass, just as we did with an epic clip of Reyna slashing through a KAY/O knife. This hilarious moment deserves to be remembered.

Funny enough, this wasn’t the only bizarre thing that happened to 100T this split. As pointed out in a comment, Boostio’s mouse died in the middle of a round against Cloud9 earlier this season. In both situations, the team didn’t let bad luck stop them from winning the rounds. Now they’re set to enter the midseason playoffs on May 8.

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